30 September 2020

Introduction To Window Films/tints. What Are They? Are They Necessary? What Are The Benefits?

When we hear the term window film or window tint, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is for car windows only, but is it just […]
30 September 2020

What Are Ultraviolet Rays? Are They Harmful To Humans?

Ultraviolet Rays or UV rays for short is a type of electromagnetic radiation that causes many negative health factors to the human body. Exposure to UV rays […]
30 September 2020

Danger More Than UV400 T-max # High Energy Visible (Hev) Blue Light

We understand that UVA, UVB, UV T-max, all these UV radiation from 10nm to 400nm wavelength, how it hurts and harmful to human skin and eyes. But there […]
29 September 2020

Ultraviolet (100NM TO 400NM) – What Are The Causes?

Sun Barrier Window Film proud to introduce UV400 series to give extra protection, especially for skin and eye optics which is concern by everyone, our window […]
27 March 2020

Sun Barrier # Window Film That Always Shielding You

Window film, the common appliances for most of the glass or window related items. It has widely used and become the most wanted for every Commercial […]